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Bible Instructions: An Owner's Manual
Can a Christian lose his salvation?
Letting God be God
8-lesson course online or for download with Adobe Acrobat. This study considers how Scripture holds together the gospel offer and predestination. Includes historical overview, God's sovereignty, self-centeredness, foreknowledge, role in conversion, and whether salvation can be lost.

The Sovereignty of God in Salvation
Updated version now available in Adobe PDF and MP3 Audio!
What does the Bible teach about Hell?
The Bible Study from Hell (Ming the Point of the Scriptures)
How to Discern God's Calling on your Life
Why the Mona Lisa is going to Heaven
How were people saved before Jesus?
Big Picture
of Church History
(from abraham to the new earth)

Biblical, evangelical Christianity is spreading like wildfire through the developing world right now, which is precisely the optimistic message God gave to Abraham, reiterated through Isaiah, and confirmed by Christ.
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Greg's Favorite Summary of Biblical Doctrine:
The Westminster Confession of Faith (1647)
The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity
Rediscovering the Humanity of Christ
FEELING WORTHLESS because you missed your morning devotions? Well, you're going straight to hell.

Just kidding. Read...
Christ's Incarnation: 5 Ecumenical Councils in 5 Minutes
No. This isn't a cheesy dating service. But it is the best article
on being a Christian single I've read. --GJ
Singled Out for Good, by Paige Benton (
Freedom from Quiet Time Guilt: The rare beauty of Weakness Christianity
Christianity Tomorrow: Our Urgent Need for Innovation in Christian Education
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Believe it or not, Greg is finalizing his doctoral dissertation on the historical development of the Quiet Time in Anglo-American Protestantism, 1870-1950. It promises to be dry as dust.